The Montin Adventure
12,000 miles on a Lambretta, from Sydney to Paris (1956)
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"Dream Alive" (1957)
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Australia/ India/Turkey
France/ UK/ including Marie Claire report

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Globe-trotting Lambretta with  the Montin family in Bombay (India) in June 1956

The putput's predecessor (1953)

This site is dedicated to the memory of my father Guy Montin (1922-2004). It presents information about the land crossing between Australia and Europe on a small Lambretta from March 1956 to  April 1957. It is updated by his son Charles and grand-daughter Esther.

Two accounts using mainly articles published at the time, are available in pdf format by clicking on the following links:
 - Part 1 from Australia to Turkey large file (5.5 Mb) o  smaller file (2.5 Mb)
-  Part 2: France and UK, including a long report by Marie Claire (5.5 Mb)

This is but a small part of the material available. You may contact Charles (son of Guy and 4 years old at the time), via charles  [at] for more information.

The vehicle. I know from my father that the engine was a 150cc.

From research on the internet, it seems that it was a Lambretta Lambro 150 FD (series 2), with front sterring and back propulsion. It was imported from Milano to Australia.
Before that, my father had had a Lambretta with the engine of an older model (see photo above).
My father bought the chassis only and build the car on the structure, complete with all the  trimmings and storage.
There is a photograph of the Montin family in Tabriz on the site giving the history of the Lambretta Lambro.

Other links about Lambrette 3 wheelers:
1952 model
Czech Republic : very good page on old models. See especially the  Tri Lambretta, produced from 1952 to 1959, with two engine sizes, 125cc and 150 cc. Ours was the more powerful model.
A good list of Lambretta images in films.

Arrival at the Montin family home in Carennac: 26 April 1957